What DeMint’s Resignation Means for South Carolina and Congress

Thursday, December 6th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Issues, News

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Earlier today, Drew Ryun explained how Jim DeMint’s leadership at the Heritage Foundation will be a boon to conservatives outside of Congress.  We will now have a smart, articulate, courageous, and visionary face of the conservative movement.  The best moment of the day was then Rush Limbaugh asked DeMint and Ed Feulner if Boehner had forced them out of their current positions.  DeMint responded they he might force Boehner out of his position.

But what does his resignation from the Senate mean for conservative in Congress and how will it affect the 2014 elections?

The first question that everyone is asking is who will fill DeMint’s seat in South Carolina?  Governor Nikki Haley will temporarily appoint someone to fill the seat until a special election is held in 2014.  Even that election will only last for two years, as the term expires in 2016.

Luckily, South Carolina is one of our best states in terms of a conservative bench.  The state has the best House delegation, and will likely serve as the poll from which Haley chooses  the appointee.  While Congressman Jeff Duncan would be the most rock solid choice for conservatives, all signs point to Congressman Tim Scott.  It’s being reported that Senator DeMint personally requested that Haley choose him.  Either way, we will be served by someone better than Lindsey Graham.

The next question is how this will affect Lindsey Graham’s reelection campaign in 2014.  The liberals in the media are already agog with glee, asserting that this vacancy will draw away all the conservative contenders from Graham and free him up for a smooth reelection.  They are mistaken.  If Haley appoints any one of the House members, especially Tim Scott, nobody would dare challenge the appointee in 2014.  They are all good conservatives.  Hence, the fire will quickly be retrained on Lindsey Graham.  Sorry to disappoint you media guys.

Next on the agenda: who will take over DeMint’s legacy of fighting liberals in both parties inside of Congress?  Well, as Drew said earlier, DeMint has grown a new bench of conservatives including Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul.  This tweet from Mike Lee is quite heartwarming:

“Jim DeMint is a friend & mentor. I plan to honor his time in Senate by continuing the fight to restore constitutionally limited government.”

The only ancillary drawback to the resignation is that DeMint was slated to become the top Republican on the Commerce Committee.  Now his role will be filled by mediocre Senator John Thune.

Finally, we must be prepared to fill push for a rock solid conservative to fill the seat of any House member that might be appointed to the Senate.  South Carolina is a state that we cannot get wrong.  If we don’t elect inviolable conservatives from here, we will not do so anywhere else.  We are committed to supporting the best conservative to fill all vacancies and will continue to work to recruit a solid candidate to run against Lindsey Graham.