Sadly, It All Boils Down To Race

Thursday, November 29th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Issues

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We’ve all heard the post-election bromide about the problems with the GOP; “we are too old, white, and male.”  When you cut through the spin, the motivation behind this summation from the GOP elites is that we ostensibly need to be like Democrats in order to compete with the broader population.  However, when you look through the data, you will find that the problem is not really age or gender; it is all about race.  Even if you buy into the notion that our ideology is hurting us with women and the youth, that is not the case with blacks and immigrants.  They vote Democrat based upon identity politics that is insidiously exercised by white liberals in this country.

We’ve all heard that the youth are fleeing the archaic party of conservatives, right?  Well, according to an analysis by Pew, the youth vote is a lot more complicated than that.  In 2008, Obama won the 18-29 age group by a whopping 34 points.  In 2012, he won the youth by 24 points.  That’s still a large margin, but not representative of a negative trend at all.  But here’s the kicker: Romney actually won the white male vote under 30 by 13 points and even the white female vote by 1 point.  Yes, I know.  You’ll say that whites don’t count.  However, we can conclude from here that our problem with the youth is just a redundant manifestation of our problem with minorities, especially because they comprise such a large portion of the under 30 vote.  But that does not mean we are not appealing to the youth by virtue of age.

Conversely, let’s take a look at the 65+ senior vote.  From the way the commentators speak, one would think that seniors are all voting Republican.  The reality is that 44% of them voted for Obama, just shy of the 45% he got in 2008.  If anything, we can conclude from here that Republicans are underperforming with the demos that are naturally predisposition to vote for them, while Obama is maximizing his demos.

When you cut across all the data, you will definitely find that age and gender play a role in the electoral process.  Sadly, by far, the biggest factor is race.  Romney won the white vote across the vote, even the most liberal demographic – young women.  It’s clear that the sinister race baiting and ethnic pandering is working for Democrats.  So how would all these wizards of smart in our party deal with this problem?  Tilting the party to the left will not help convert voters who largely cast ballots based on identity.  Quite the contrary, the fact that we have not already distinguishing ourselves from the Democrats is what is weighing us down with white voters and seniors.

Yes, we will eventually need a plan to break through the juggernaut of Democrat ethnic pandering; however, we must immediately work on improving our performance among whites in general and seniors in particular.