RCP Analyst: Roughly 8 Million White Voters Stood Home

Thursday, November 8th, 2012 by and is filed under Elections, News

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There has been a lot of baseless bloviating about the outcome of the elections.  Many of have suggested that Republicans better shape up in order to make inroads into the minority vote.  Undoubtedly, the growth of the minority population will eventually make it tough for Republicans to win, but the real story of the election is that Romney failed to utilize the white vote.  According to a thoughtful analysis by Sean Trende, 8 million white stood home, contributing to Romney’s underperformance of McCain’s 2008 vote share.

3 Responses to “RCP Analyst: Roughly 8 Million White Voters Stood Home”

  1. Eldon Says:

    We cannot simply pin the loss of this presidential election on the absence of white voters at the polls. The Republican party, with whose platform the majority of Hispanics say they largely support, continues to alienate those same Hispanics by holding a no-compromise position on immigration and job rights for temporary workers. We cannot continue to place inviduals of all colors and backgrounds on the podium during our Conventions and then follow-up by disenfranchising people of those same backgrounds through our statements, policies and actions. A fundamental change in this regard must occur in order for the party to take back the White House and the Congress.

  2. E Says:

    Watching the aftermath of the election, it’s imperative that we play equally as dirty as the dems. The election results essentially boiled down to the fact that Liberals have a better propaganda apparatus to reach uninformed voters, and we don’t. I’m a young guy, and have plenty of uninformed / ill-advised friends whom when you ask them about their feelings toward Conservatives they cannot name a single specific bad thing… but somehow have been lead to believe that Conservatives are somehow monsteresque… an opinion shaped by years of misinformation. We need to develop our own way of reaching these ill-informed folks. We need commercials of Liberals pushing old Medicare ladies off cliffs…. A welfare queen stealing food out of a child’s mouth…. a good honest African American family being lured by the “liberal plantation owners”… we need to make liberalism taboo… we need to demonize our opposition… Winning occurs when Liberals holler and complain about these tactics… because looking in the mirror threatens them… scares them.. and slowly makes them irrelevant…

  3. Heidi Says:

    How did we NOT inform of how bad this administration was?

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