Romney Must Take Note of Lara Logan’s Foreign Policy Speech

Thursday, October 11th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Foreign Policy

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After 4 years of unchallenged odious leadership, Obama was finally treated to a complete admonition and indictment of his economic policies during last week’s debate with Mitt Romney.  For many Americans, that was the first time they witnessed anyone ridiculing Obama in a cogent fashion to his face.

During the next two debates, foreign policy will play a more central role.  It’s high time someone take him to task for his dangerous, flaccid, and perverse foreign policy.  Amazingly, Obama still enjoys a favorable view from a majority of voters regarding his foreign policy – no doubt a result of the killing of Osama bin Laden.  However, as we can all see, bin Laden might be dead, but Al Qaeda and the Taliban are stronger than ever thanks to Obama’s support of the Arab Spring, opposition to strong allies in the region, and weak-kneed politically correct war in Afghanistan.

Thus far, not a single major Republican figure, including Mitt Romney, has offered a riveting indictment of Obama’s foreign policy and immolation of our troops in Afghanistan.  Yet, in one of the most shocking and altruistic speeches ever given by a mainstream media figure, CBS chief foreign affairs correspondent, Lara Logan, lampooned Obama for his naive and dangerous foreign policy.  Undoubtedly, she must have gained a lot of insight into the danger of the Arab Spring from the horrific attack she endured at the hands of the “freedom fighters” in Cairo.

If you only watch one political speech this year, consider this your must see video.  Hopefully, Mitt Romney is taking notes.

If a liberal media figure can conjure up such outrage over Obama’s dangerous foreign policy, certainly our Republican leaders can do the same.