GOP Rout In Pennsylvania Absentee Ballot Returns

Monday, October 29th, 2012 by and is filed under Elections, News

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Pennsylvania doesn’t have early voting, but if the absentee ballot requests are any indication, Republicans are slated to have a strong showing in the state on Election Day.  Republicans now lead Democrats 55-36% in absentee ballot requests.  In 2008, Republicans had a mere 2% edge in absentee voting.

5 Responses to “GOP Rout In Pennsylvania Absentee Ballot Returns”

  1. oracle2world Says:

    My wife went from 2008 Obama voter, to 2012 lukewarm Obama supporter to … let’s donate money to Romney after the first debate.

    As that erudite student of American politics James Carville subtlety put it, “It’s the economy, stupid!”.

    I don’t see how Obama is going to pull this one out. Folks at are in denial.

  2. Peggy Kopecky Says:

    Republicans get out there and support Romney. We need Pennsylvania to win.

  3. eagle Says:

    After his Immaculacation in 2008, Barack Hussein Obama governed not as if he were the American President. Instead he governed as if he was a Plenipotentiary appointed by the United Nations to at last bring the adolescent cowboy nation to heel in a world that simply cannot afford to have such a powerful entity as the United States of America run by evil rich guys and stupid bubba boys with quaint ideas about freedom and liberty.

  4. Sam DiCamillo Says:

    As a Jazz performer, and born and raised Detroiter, someone who is expected to be a “Leftist”, and I am posting from Germany a looney bin of O supporters, and they don’t even know why, as they have no clue concerning the issues, such as the US Democrats
    :R&R :2012

  5. Lying & stealing: The Democratic playbook « Says:

    […] him with fewer reliable voters left on Nov. 6.  In suddenly swing state Pennsylvania, Romney is routing Obama in absentee ballot returns (which favored Obama in 2008).  Even Denver’s mayor – a reliable […]

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