The Next Epic Battle: Scott Keadle Vs Richard Hudson in NC-8

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With the Wisconsin recall behind us and the Texas Senate race scheduled for the end of the month, we must remember that there is an important battle taking place in North Carolina next Tuesday.

Conservative Scott Keadle – who has been endorsed by Red State, the Club for Growth, Citizens United, and the Madison Project – will be facing off against establishment-hack Richard Hudson in a runoff-election to face faux blue dog Democrat Larry Kissell in North Carolina District 8.  This is a conservative district and is ripe for picking this November; however, we must pick off the seat with the right Republican.

Throughout this election season, we have seen a number of candidates run to the right during primaries in the hope that voters will fail to look into their souls.  Most House candidates are successful at this endeavor, especially those without a record in public office.  After all, they can tell voters anything, and there’s not much information to refute their claims.

One such creature is Richard Hudson.  Hudson talks the talk of an intrepid conservative, yet there are clear warning signs to the contrary for anyone who understands the political dynamic of establishment Republicans.

Hudson has served as a Chief of Staff to establishment Republicans on the Hill for years.  He served as the top aid to a member who voted for the debt ceiling deal and the omnibus bill in 2011 – the two worst pieces of legislation to come out of Congress that year.  Somehow he just wasn’t strong enough to convince his boss to vote the right way, assuming he tried at all.

While Hudson tosses out the red meat on God, guns, and babies (who wouldn’t in a southern district?), he has shown himself to be wanting on issues pertaining to free markets and government intervention.  He has sent out mailers hitting Keadle’s support for free trade as a gift to China – a typical talking point we hear from Barack Obama.  He also loves himself some  subsidies.

Most importantly, you can tell a man by his friends and supporters.  Hudson, who came of political age at the feet of the Republican establishment, is being supported by all establishment players.  In fact, Young Guns Action Fund is so scared of Keadle’s promise to challenge leadership that they are running ads and mailers against him all over the district.  The only other Republican who has incurred negative attacks by Young Guns was Richard Mourdock when he was challenging Dick Lugar.  It appears that they are as confident in Hudson’s support as they were in Lugar’s.  Hudson has also received support from Kevin McCarthy, John Boehner, and Paul Ryan’s PACs.  Now there is word that American Action Network will be coming to Hudson’s aid with anti-Keadle ads.

Welcome to Lugar vs. Mourdock 2.0.  There’s a reason the establishment fears Keadle; he will not be co-opted.

We bemoan, complain, and protest the lack of a conservative direction in the Republican Party.  Well, it’s elections like this where we can actually make a difference.  Are you all in for Scott Keadle?

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  1. Roy Bryant Says:

    Exactly right! There have been some times in history when business as usual was not good enough. This is one of those times. There was a time when my oldest brother just could not stay home and graduate with his high school class, because the times demanded preparing to go to Europe in WW II. Today, whatever we think is really important around the house must be pre-empted by participation in taking back the Republican Party. We the (old) people owe a great apology to all of you younger generations. One of the founders properly pointed out that we never have the right to pass on to the next generation a political situation worse than the one that we inherited. The current scene is vastly worse than when I entered here. We have a president who is determined to see to it that Lincoln’s hope was in vain, and that [self-government] absolutely shall “perish from the earth”. And most of our elected legislators, elected and appointed judges, and most in our bloated beuracracy, are his lapdogs. They have prepared for this moment for decades, saying one thing and doing another, taking two steps forward and one step back. They think they can see the finish line, and are in no mood to take one step back, especially since they know that we are more awake and invigorated than previously. Their lies, deception and viciousness will increase. We must try to summon the courage of Daniel, the three Hebrew children, Esther, and of Patrick Henry and Ethan Allen. Our great-grand children deserve no less.

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