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Wednesday, June 20th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, News

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We’ve been working on a revolutionary project for quite some time, and it is finally completed.  The Madison Project has announced the creation of the Madison Performance Index, a one-stop site to hold Republican House members accountable for their voting record.  Have you ever wondered how your member’s voting record stacks up against the political orientation of his/her district?  To answer this question, we’ve created the Madison Performance Index (MPI), a simple yet novel tool that compares the voting record to the ideological bent of the district.

The results are not pretty.  52 members who hail from solid Republican districts scored 20 points below where they should be given the ideological makeup of their district.  They are displayed prominently in the Hall of Shame.

In addition, we will post continuous updates of voting tallies on individual pieces of legislation in both the House and the Senate.  That way you can easily track how your member voted on every consequential bill or amendment.  We will also provide background information and commentary for each Republican House member to provide a full picture of their performance in Congress.

Come and check out the site!

Below the fold is a copy of our press release:



Contact: Daniel Horowitz



Former Congressman Jim Ryun, Madison Project Launch New Website that Will Rate GOP House Members to Promote Accountability 

WASHINGTON, D.C…June 20, 2012— With the 2012 campaign season in full swing and Republican candidates across the country talking tough on spending, taxes and debt, the Madison Project PAC has launched a new rating system to ensure accountability among GOP House members.  This unprecedented approach called the Madison Performance Index (MPI) will educate voters on an ongoing basis on how Members voting records match up to the conservative rankings of their Congressional districts.  The MPI can be found at

“There is often a big difference between what Republican candidates say on the campaign trail and what they do when they take office,” states former Congressman Jim Ryun, Chairman of Madison Project.  “This has particularly been the case since the rise of the Tea Party movement.  It is our intent to bring to light just how many elected Republicans are dramatically underperforming, even though they represent staunchly conservative districts.”

The MPI computes the average of the 2011 legislative scores from Heritage Action for America and the Club for Growth, the two most respected conservative scorecards.  Then each Member’s average score is pegged against the ideological orientation of his district, as defined by the Cook Partisan Voter Index.  Members from the most conservative districts are expected to score an A (90 and above), while those from less conservative districts are held to a slightly lower standard in a gradual regression.  Their index score represents the number of points they are scoring above or below the expected score for that district.  Each Member’s score can be viewed on a user friendly map.

The index presently highlights that only a small percentage of elected Republicans in so-called “safe” districts are actually voting consistently for fiscally-conservative, free market values.  The majority of the Members from the nation’s 100 most conservative districts are underperforming in the index with many of them scoring low grades.  Madison Project has developed the index to help ensure that many of these “red state statists” are challenged in primaries and replaced with reliable conservatives.


“Whether you are a grassroots activist or average voter, people need to be informed about what’s really going on in Washington,” says Ryun. “We have found that there is a huge disconnect between what these guys are saying to win elections and how they are actually voting when in office.  The American majority is tired of this duplicity and is ready to clean house. The MPI provides an easy way for voters to sort through words versus deeds.”

Madison Project has also posted a full description and explanation of the MPI’s methodology, along with the spreadsheets that contain all the data about the member and his or his district’s Cook PVI at

Other features of include the following:

  • A tab that links to the voting tallies of all major votes in the House and Senate
  • A Hall of Shame and Hall of Fame to identify the best performers and worst performers in the given year
  • A running commentary on each Member, detailing the votes, statements, co-sponsorships, and other legislative activity that is represented by the member’s overall score

The Madison Performance Index one of a number of new offerings Madison hopes to develop to create a one-stop-shop for voters who want to know if their Congressmen and Senators are living up to their expectations.  The MPI will also become an indispensable resource for conservative candidates who are willing to challenge lackluster incumbents in primaries.

If you’d like more information about, or to schedule an interview with the Madison Project, please email Daniel at

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