Young Guns Attacks Mourdock for Not Supporting Ethanol!

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 and is filed under Blog

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As you wake up this morning, we are on the cusp of a historic upset.  Richard Mourdock, who has been endorsed by the Madison Project, waged an uphill battle against a 35-year, old-bull liberal Republican in Indiana.  Most pundits didn’t give him a chance.  Yet, he is heading into today’s voting the favorite to unseat Richard Lugar.  This is no small feat.

Assuming that Mourdock pulls off the victory over Lugar, there is one person who might be forgotten amidst the media circus following the aftermath of the election.  That man is Eric Cantor.  Cantor’s Youn Guns PAC is sending out mailers urging Democrats to switch over and vote for Lugar.  This alone is treasonous, but it get’s better.  They are accusing Mourdock of being an extremist because he opposes subsidies and mandates for ethanol!  Yes, the subsidies that have radically altered the market, driving up the cost of food and fuel on all Americans.

Here is the mailer, courtesy of Big

This comes just one week after the same PAC sent out similar mailers telling Democrats that Mourdock was extreme for opposing the Department of Education!

At some point, we must ask why nobody is holding him accountable for the dastardly acts of his PAC.  Some people can’t understand why we are constantly challenging GOP leaders.  They think we should save our energy to fight the Democrats.  But the problem is that we first need a Republican Party to fight the Democrats with.  How can we ignore the fact that the leader of House Republicans is telling Democrats to vote against a conservative because he holds views that are fundamental to Republican values?!!

We are hoping that Mourdock will blow this one out and send a clear message to Cantor and the establishment boys: the Tea Party isn’t going anywhere; we’re just getting started.