Welcome to the Permanent Era of Tea Party Politics

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 and is filed under Issues, Uncategorized

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With the Indiana primary less than a week away, it looks like Dick Lugar is in some serious trouble in his race against Madison Project endorsed Richard Mourdock. Polls are showing him slipping behind, Super PACs that supported him are pulling out, and it’s all starting to build into a narrative that Lugar’s days are numbered. Salon, that bastion of conservative thought (I kid), had an interesting article on the Lugar v. Mourdock race, and while I of course don’t agree with many of the sentiments express by the author, I thought the subtitle of the article was telling: Welcome to the Permanent Era of Tea Party Politics.

Tea partiers, far from dead, are enforcing accountability on Republican members who aren’t exactly conservative, and quite frankly, don’t exactly believe in the party platform. They’re doing that by one of the most effective accountability mechanisms out there: primarying incumbents. I’ve written about breaking the Ruling Class of longtime incumbents, but what’s taking place in Indiana is that theory in action. Of course people want to say that the Tea Party’s actions in this and other scenarios is extreme. Sorry, it’s not extreme to demand greater accountability or transparency in our government, or to expect elected officials to be responsible with government funds and to actually serve the American people.

If we really want to get this country back on the path of freedom and prosperity, we’re going to need hundreds, actually thousands, more of what’s taking place in Indiana to happen at all levels of government.