Dispatches from the Caucus of Capitulation

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Obamacare

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At the risk of becoming the official grim reaper of bad tidings from Capitol Hill, I’m compelled to update you on the latest capitulations taking place courtesy of the pale-pastel Republicans.  When Reagan referred to moderate Republicans as purveyors of pale-pastel policies, he meant that those politicians ostensibly agree to the policy premises of the Democrats, albeit with some minor reservations.  Sadly, we are seeing that on a daily basis.


There have been copious pages of ink spilt over recent rumors that Republicans plan to keep or reinstate some of the Obamacare mandates on insurance companies.  As we noted last week, the fact that many in leadership desire to keep the slacker and pre-existing conditions mandates is nothing new.  What is new is this tidbit from pale-pastel politician Steve Stivers (RINO-OH): (Via the WSJ)

Several GOP freshmen say they want to see greater efforts to promote replacement options during this session of Congress. Rep. Steve Stivers of Ohio said he was considering introducing legislation in the next few weeks that would require insurance companies to allow consumers to cover adult children on their plans up to the age of 31, charging an additional premium if necessary.But some congressional Republicans have already expressed their opposition to most kinds of federal mandates on insurers.

Hmm, why not make it 50 for that matter?  Why stop at 31?  Seriously, these people have no clue how the free market works, and now it appears that some Republicans want to run to the left of Obama on healthcare.  This is all a symptom of Republicans focusing too much on universal coverage instead of bending the costs down – costs that are artificially inflated by the very policies now being embraced by Republicans.

Highway bill

Here’s a depressing headline from Roll Call regarding the latest news on the highway bill conference: ” Barbara Boxer Upbeat on Highway Bill, Praises Boehner.”  Whenever you see such news, you know intuitively that it is not reflective of Republicans standing by their principles.  In fact, in this case, it means that Republicans will agree to the Senate tax, spend, and mandate highway bill.

“We are making very solid progress. I would say great progress,” the California Democrat told reporters, adding, “I believe we are going to have a bill” before the deadline of June 30.

Boxer, who has made a habit of working with unlikely political allies when it comes to infrastructure spending, also praised Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio). Boxer hailed the “willingness of Speaker Boehner to work with us,” explaining that she had “a very good conversation with him yesterday. He said he told his guys ‘to get the conference report done.’”

Sigh…We’re going to have our work cut out for ourselves after the Memorial Day recess.