All Hands on Deck for Ted Cruz

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Elections

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As we head back to work from this holiday weekend, we could easily forget the fact that today is the date of the seminal battle between the two wings of the Republican Party.  Texas is holding its primaries today, and we have the opportunity to elect the next conservative superstar; Ted Cruz.  Standing in his way is moderate David Dewhurst who has pumped millions into this race.  At a very minimum, we must deny Dewhurst the magical 50% number to avoid a runoff.

Due to the odd timing of this election, there will likely be low-turnout in most parts of the state.  That means that conservatives who are committed to defending our values can make all the difference.  For those of you living in Texas, please call all your family and friends and make sure they go out to vote for Ted Cruz.  If we can’t elect a superstar like Cruz from a state like Texas, we will be cosigned to a Rockefeller-Republican majority for the foreseeable future.  Ted Cruz is our best candidate of the cycle.  This is one we cannot get wrong.

We will also be closely monitoring the individual House races to see if any viable conservatives emerge to force some of the incumbents into runoff elections on July 31.  Most of the Texas Republican delegation is mediocre at best, despite the fact that they represent conservative districts.  If a serious candidate emerges in one of these races, we will back him/her.

The bottom line is that we can can continue complaining about liberal Republicans eschewing the values of our party or we can actually do something about it.  All too often, we are left without any viable conservative choices in primary elections.  That is not the case for you Texans today.  Spend an hour or two helping the get-out-the-vote effort for conservative candidates, most notably, Ted Cruz.