Obama: Don’t You Dare Cut One Penny from My $5 Trillion Debt

Thursday, April 19th, 2012 and is filed under Blog, Debt

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How Radical is this administration?  This radical.

Republicans are proposing to cut discretionary budget authority for FY 2013 by $15 billion to $1.028 trillion.  That is still $95 billion above 2008-levels!  Yet, he is pertinaciously threatening a veto.  This, from CQ:

The White House on Wednesday threw its weight behind Senate Democrats fighting to prevent a third consecutive round of federal budget cuts, saying actions by House Republicans to enact deeper reductions violate a bipartisan agreement.

President Obama will not sign fiscal 2013 spending bills if House Republicans stick with their plan to cut annual discretionary spending to $1.028 trillion, down $15 billion from this year’s amount.

The Office of Management and Budget made the threat in a letter to House Appropriations Chairman Harold Rogers, R-Ky., urging him to instead stick with the $1.047 trillion spending cap set in the August debt-limit law (P.L. 112-25).

Keep in mind that Obama has already amassed $5 trillion, and we are on pace to add over another trillion for fiscal year 2013.  Yet, he is refusing to approve $15 billion in cuts.  Anyone who thinks that this man cares about the debt should not be eligible to vote.  It is amazing that he even is doing this well in the polls.