Madison Project Endorses Ron Johnson in Senate Leadership Election

Thursday, December 8th, 2011 and is filed under Blog

Folks, I have stressed for a long time: where the conservative movement is losing is not at the polls. We have momentum there. But we have what is either a mental or a physical lapse after the elections are over. Our problem lies with the Republican Leadership elections in both the U.S. House and Senate. Our victories must be twofold. We need to continue getting the right kinds of candidates elected and then we need to follow through and see those newly elected Members vote for the right kind of leadership. In my mind, the latter is the toughest one to pull off, which is why we have to start now by calling for the removal of Mitch McConnell and his lieutenants as the leadership team for the Republicans in the Senate. Part of that starts right now.

Last fall we endorsed the quintessential tea party candidate, businessman Ron Johnson, in Wisconsin. Against all odds, Ron went on to beat incumbent Russ Feingold. He is one of those great conservative Senators joining with Jim DeMint from South Carolina on a lot of important fights in the Senate, some in the public, some behind closed doors. It is because he is not afraid to stand and fight on principle, Republican “leader” Mitch McConnell is actively working against Johnson’s bid to join the Republican Leadership team as Vice Chair of the Conference. McConnell knows Johnson will not be one of his lackies who, like McConnell, makes a show of being conservative but is really more interested in maintaining control and the status quo. That is exactly why Mitch McConnell recruited and is working behind the scenes for Roy Blunt, the freshman Senator from Missouri. Except we know all about Roy Blunt from his time in leadership on the House side during the Hastert and DeLay regime where Republicans spent like drunken sailors and grew government, abandoning core conservative principles, the foremost of which is limited government.

This is a clear cut decision and if we want real change to happen, it starts with this leadership election. Which is why the Madison Project is excited to endorse Ron Johnson for Vice Chair of the Republican Senate Caucus.

But just because we endorse does not mean Johnson stands a chance of winning. McConnell and his team will be working overtime to beat Johnson. This is where you come in. You need to call your Senator’s office today, tomorrow and Monday and not just ask them, but tell them, “We expect you to support Ron Johnson in this leadership election.”

The Senate switchboard isĀ (202) 224-3121. Start calling!

Mitch McConnell Is Worried

Friday, December 2nd, 2011 and is filed under Blog

I want to be very upfront on this one. In case you have missed it, Mitch McConnell, the current Republican leader in the United States Senate, is a very large part of the problem. He is not, and will never be, part of the solution.

He is not in Washington, DC to change it or even fix it. He, quite simply, likes the power that comes from being a United States Senator and the Republican leader in that chamber. He likes The System. Known for conservative talk and quiet RINO action that is hard to pick up with his voting record (he’ll often vote the right way after he has tanked a good piece of legislation behind the scenes), Mitch McConnell fears one thing in 2012. It’s not that the Democrats will remain in control of the United States Senate. Nothing is ever a given in politics, but I feel confident that the Republicans will control that chamber when the dust settles next November.

No, what Mitch McConnell is worried about is not being the majority leader and being thrown out by the growing number of conservatives in the Senate. Last election cycle saw Rand Paul and Mike Lee reinforce Jim DeMint. Tack on Marco Rubio and Pat Toomey and the conservative ranks in the Senate are growing. By conservative I mean the folks that really want to change things in DC, shrink government and reduce it to its proper role.

So when Mitch McConnell sees guys like Don Stenberg gaining steam in the Nebraska Senate race (as the Establishment choice, Jon Bruning, fades), guess what he is going to do? Look for someone who will become one of his lackies in the Senate. He knows that candidate is not Don Stenberg, which is why we’re seeing stories like this one from the NYT. Mitch McConnell is scared because he knows his time in leadership hangs in the balance of the 2012 election results.

My hope is that the good folks the Madison Project helps get elected next year are the very ones that send him packing.