Why I am Pro-Life

Sunday, January 16th, 2011 and is filed under Blog, Issues, News, Press

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Recently, my brother Ned shared the story of his youngest, Charlotte, on RedState. I have shared, in part, the story of our youngest, Lily Kate, on this blog and elsewhere.

There is a reason the Ryun boys are pro-life, that the candidates we endorse with the Madison Project, must be pro-life. It is a cornerstone of classical liberalism, the worldview that believes in life, liberty, the right to own property, the pursuit of happiness and the power of the free market and the free enterprise system.

How you view human beings and measure their worth as beings created by the Creator is a key indicator as to how you view the rest of the world and deal with a plethora of issues. I believe how we view the issue of life is fundamental to our ideology.

There is, however, nothing like being faced with putting your beliefs into action. As I tell people these days, “I am pro-life by upbringing and experience.”

Life is filled with milestones, those distinct moments etched in memory for years to come. Such was the day in April 2008 for my wife, Becca, and me as we sat in the pediatric cardiologist’s office. We knew something was wrong. Just a few days before, our first ultrasound of Bec’s second pregnancy, had turned from routine to a three hour ordeal and we were sent to the cardiologist. After hours of testing, we knew something was seriously wrong. As we sat with the doctor, the first thing out of her mouth was, “Your baby has a very serious heart defect. She is 21 weeks and inside the date for us to be able to terminate the pregnancy-would you like to do that?”

My wife and I never even looked at each other-“No.”

To her credit, the doctor smiled and said, “Good. We believe that through a series of open heart surgeries, your baby’s defect can be corrected and she will live the chance to live a normal life.”

Lily Kate Ryun was born August 26, 2008. I slept by her bed that night at DC Children’s as Becca had to stay at INOVA in Alexandria (where Lily had been born). Three days later was the first surgery, the Norwood. We were the second surgery slot that day and the first surgery had not gone well. Separated only by a thin screen, we listened as the surgeons explained to the parents the problems they had encountered during surgery. Almost at that moment, our pastor walked in and as we huddled in prayer, a distinct presence of peace came. I knew right then and there, Lily was going to be fine. And she was, passing the first surgery with flying colors.

4 months later came the Glenn procedure and last April, the Fontan-all open heart surgeries. Lily today is one of the happiest, wonderful two year olds one could know. She is walking, running, talking, loves to be read to and loves to putt golf balls on the carpet.

While I have been working on the catechism with her older sister, Skye, I have taken the time to start Lily on her catechism as well. We are three Q/A deep.

Q: “Lily, who made you?”
A: “God”

Q: “Lily, what else did God make?”
A: “All things.”

Q: “Why did God make you and all things?”
A: “For His own glory.”

How true that last answer rings for me. It has not been an easy road, but it has been a journey filled with the miraculous and because of that, I believe. I believe that God uses all things for His own glory as we have the belief to take His outstretched hand. I also believe in the individual worth of each human being, born and unborn, because I believe they have been created by a Creator.

This, in the end, is why I am pro-life.